The Quantum Sculler discusses the reality for the sculler is that the cyclical stroke as one piece that is not fragmented. There is a strong bond between his body, the shell, and the water; there is a state of flow existing with this integrated whole.

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“This is a refreshing and inspiring book. At first it is easy to imagine that you have opened a passage in the Prophet, or, if you are old enough you may have flashbacks to Sartre’s existentialism.

The clear message is to live in the present and to shed our tendency as scullers or coaches to fragment the process of moving the body, shell and blades with the water. A purist might question the analogy with the quantum model where energy is found in discrete packets or states but the message of interconnectedness in all things is still clearly expressed. Deceptively simplistic in approach , it contains a lifetime of observation and sensitive coaching.

Anyone who teaches physical skills will benefit from reading this, particularly as it serves to remind us that our rational tendency to compartmentalize a chain into its individual links can often lead to confusion and frustration rather than the desired achievement of flow. Experience enables us to spot a problem in a link , but can blind us to the importance of remaining focused on the whole continuous process.

This book draws attention to the need for a meditative awareness of ourselves, the tools and the environment. Scullers will find clear instructions to smooth their skills both mentally and physically. To the uninitiated it may appear to assume knowledge of unfamiliar concepts but will inspire those who see the clues to explore further.

For those of us who spend a lot of time alone on the water , it provides some excellent aids to visualization and awareness without the negative clutter of self criticism which can so often cause us to miss the pure pleasure of where we are and what a privilege it is to be there.

– Giusseppe Lund

Hanlan’s Spirit chronicles famed rower Ned Hanlan and his subtle and beautiful rowing stroke. This fantastic work breaks down the rowing stroke including the grip, catch, release, and everything in between.

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“I hope that the publisher and Jim spend a little extra money on a durable cover because this book will never be put on a shelf in someone’s library. Like a coach’s pitch meter and stroke watch this tome will find a home in his or her tool bag. Or like athletes’ log books it will always be in their training duffle.”
– Excerpt from Larry Gluckman’s review of Hanlan’s Spirit

The Mind’s Eye reveals the core mental training methods used by Jim from his time training under master coach Bob Fitzpatrick to becoming a master coach himself.

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